Wee Care Youth & Recreation Center               
Extended Care Available 

1670 N. Hampton Rd, Suite 115

DeSoto, TX  75115

972- 224-1473 Or 214-415-8424

Hour:  Monday – Friday  6:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.



Drop-Off:  You may start dropping off your child(ren) at the center beginning at 6:00am.  There will be someone to sign your child(ren) in.


Pick-up:  All children must be signed out by the person that is picking up. If you know that someone different will be picking up your child, please make sure that their name is on the admissions form. Please let the person know that we reserve the right to ask for identification at anytime. All children must be picked up by 6:00p.m.  Extended care is available until 7:30p.m. for an additional $10.00 a week.


Visits:  You are welcome as a parent to visit the youth center at any time during the center’s hours of operation to observe your child(ren), the center’s operation and program activities without having to secure prior approval.


Transportation:  Available for DeSoto and Lancaster - for a fee of $10.00 one way or $15.00 two ways weekly. Please call for rates if not located in the Desoto and Lancaster area.


Payments: Annual registration fee of $30 per child (non-refundable). All payments are due on Fridays for the new week (payment before service is rendered) for each child to attend Wee Care, NO CHECKS PLEASE only cash, credit/debit cards or money orders will be accepted.  You can call (214) 415-8424 to drop off your payment over the weekend or make a payment online at www.weecareyouthcenter.com. When we open on Monday a $5.00 per child late fee is added to all accounts that are not mark paid for the week.  There is no charge if your child will be out for the week.


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and snacks will be provided daily by the USDA Summer Food Program.  Your child can bring his/her lunch or snacks if desired.  We have a microwave and refrigerator.


Attendance:  Please let us know if your child is going to be absent.  There will be no space held for any child that is absent from camp for more than two weeks without notification.  If we do not get notification and your child returns after 2 weeks, we will insist that you pay a $30.00 registration fee and fill out new enrollment forms.  This is necessary due to the parents that don’t bring their children to camp on a consistent basis and parents that will take the child on vacation or to visit relatives and the child don’t come back for the entire summer camp.  If we know that a child is going to be out, we can let a drop-in come that week, so please be considerate.


Illness: If your child is sick, please do not bring your child to the child-care center sick, please make other arrangements for sick days.  If we have to notify you of your child being sick and unable to complete the day, you can inform us of your wishes.  We will dispense medications such as aspirin for pain/fever, only if you complete and sign the required medication dispense form.  DeSoto Teens has staff that is certified in CPR/First Aid during operational hours.  The staff will know what to do in case of minor or major emergencies even if they have to call 911.  Please make sure that you keep your contact numbers current at all times.  If we need to notify the parents for any reason, we will start with the numbers for home, work, cell and any other numbers that are on the admission form for contacts.


Immunization Records are required if child is not of school age.  However, if child is in school please note on the back of our admission forms, you must list which school has your child’s immunization.


Employee Immunization Policy – No Immunization record is required for our staff.


Our Summer Camp / Activity Fees: You must pay for monthly field trips with (*) on Activity Calendar, such as Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, and Hawaiian Falls.  Field trips are not mandatory.  If you do not want your child to attend a field trip, please let us know, and we will let him/her stay at the center and play games.  Parents are welcome to participate in the child-care center operation and activities.  However, we must fill out the necessary forms and complete a background check.  Please inform me if you wish to take the necessary steps.


Water Activities: Child to Teacher ratio will be met according to Licensing Minimum Standards.  Child is required to wear the Wee Care T-Shirt and a Wee Care wristband.  Each staff member will have an attendance sheet to do a head to face count every 30 minutes to ensure the safety of our children.  We reserve the right to cancel water activities if these standards cannot be met.


Discipline and Guidance: We expect the children to respect staff, volunteers and fellow students, as well as themselves.  There will be no profanity, fighting and absolutely not drugs or alcohol allowed. Discipline consequences will be the following:

First Offense: Verbal warning.

Second Offense: Take away privileges.

Third Offense:  Child conference with director and lose more privileges.

Fourth Offense: Parent Conference with councilor and director.

Fifth Offense: Parent conference and possible expulsion from the program.

If Wee Care continues to have disciplinary problems with your child, we reserves the right to ask that you withdraw your child from the program immediately if he/she demonstrates behavior that is harmful to themselves, or others.


Wee Care Youth and Recreation Center:  Will not be held responsible for any toys, CD’s games, cell phones, IPODS, etc. Please do not let your child bring anything unless you know that your child can be responsible. 


To review and discuss any questions or concerns about the Policies and Procedures or anything at all.  You may call the director anytime at 972-224-1473 or 214-415-8424. 



A copy of the minimum standards and the child-care center’s most recent Licensing Inspection Report is at the center and available at all times for your viewing.  You can reach your local licensing Office at 214-951-7902, address: 8700 N. Stemmons Fwy. Dallas, Texas 75247 and report any child abuse by calling the PRS child abuse hotline 1-800-252-5488 or logging on to the PRS website.